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Above all, love each other deeply. I Peter 4:8-10

My home. I have a differing view from Shauna here. I have guests over and indeed a house guest coming next weekend, yet, I love the private sanctuary of home. I need it to be private. I have loved and laughed and lost and lived deeply here. I love it's every wall... my dear almost 100 year old house.

After a busy day, I need the rest and refuge and quiet. I have a very social job and need the oasis of calm, coffee, candles, books and my collections as a retreat. My family comes, and the closest of friends but above all it is private. Perfect for me.

This year one of my glam goals has been to work on improving this sanctuary, room by room. I am slowly meeting this goal, and today will search for paint colors. I love the art like palettes of the paint. This goal will be a glam goal for next year too, evolving this little home as it lives through my seasons.

Thank you, Father, for this roof over my head. These sacred walls that mean home and comfort and family. Pleae bless the homes of this community with your radiant love.
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