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When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve. Matthew 26:20

I am reflecting this morning at my table. Coffee and devotionals after many full days. Letting my mind absorb Shauna's words. We don't have very many days left in the Savor devotional. A beautiful year of reflections coming to a close, fortifying and a constant reminder that God is infused in every moment. Looking forward to Fall and winter devotionals.

I have loved hard and lost and loved again and again this year. Found my true love in a wonderful man who fights to be by my side every day admidst the daily challenge of leading a national Christian organization of 4000 people. Where did this come from? Wow! God's gift to be sure, I met him at Stanford Graduate School of Business in a course. More than I ever could have conjured. God is indeed good. Patience and waiting in grace immersed in Gods love and working at a beautiful mission has kept me in love with life, ready for this moment, this new season.

I lost significantly in losing my canine companion Granger of 10 years. I adopted him in his retirement from being a guide dog for the blind and we had a decade together of love. I miss him every day, and know that he is now and always was God's dog. He is waiting for me.

I have lived hard and worked hard professionally and Savor has been a constant, compassionate, caring, creative voice in my head. Shauna's words emerging from my heart throughout my day. What a gift this journey is and I will cherish this is the last months of the devotional and keep this book close always. Glam goal for life to be sure.

Where has all of the connection happened? .... Of course at my table. In the winter, spring and summer, often with a coffee or candle. Always with God.

The table is most assuredly where the connection in my cozy home happens.

God bless your family table, Glam girlfriends. Grace and peace to you.
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