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I thank God for my tribe. They are there in the quiet ports of life, in the storms, they are in the arrivals and the departures, the joy and the celebrations.

As Shauna writes we are walking through all of this together, "up close and in the mess".

I have a tribe of college friends, a tribe of friends from my professional life, family friends, and I am forever grateful for this unofficial Board of Trustees and support group, this inner circle. I will meet my college girlfriends in Napa in March and I cannot wait for the love and the laughter, the wine and the fun. The years of trials, successes and failures, loves and kisses and loss and laughter. All of it on one happy bundle. We never have enough time and I am forever aware of that in this chapter of life.

I think this tribe is vital, life changes all the time and we need to build an architecture of support and strength in our lives. This community of compassion.

I love weekends, today, stretched out before me.I can move at my own pace with much to accomplish, but time to let my mind wander and anticipate all the beauty of this life.

God Bless you Glam Girlfriends
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