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We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthinans 5:7

A soft snowfall today. I am taking a day off work after my two week trip. Watching the snow fall softly and happily putting my Glam Mail March stickers in my much to look forward to this month. Resurrection, and new life, and new growth. A new season.

For now, I have the day at home.Tomorrow, I am off for my annual Girls weekend. All my college friends and this year we meet in Chicago. We will all be together at the table, laughing, catching up, sharing the beautiful complicated and often funny events of another year of our lives.

Working as I do at an organization that serves the blind. I am drawn to today's reading. I witness this every day. We do live and love by faith.

I have most definitively had years when I lost faith, could not feel Gods plan and was remiss in not having simple faith. It is my mother and father who always brought me back to this. God opened this new chapter I have been living for the past 12 years after a very difficult season for me... He had bigger plans for me which I could not possibly conjure or imagine and I am living that now. Faith, all the angels in God's firmament.....we are so loved beyond our wildest imagination. Father, thank you for the course corrections, the love and the life. I see your writings on the walls of my Life every day. Testament to the fact that I need always trust and look to you.

Father, help me truly live your intent for me. To abandon fear and to seek your light in every corner of my life. Illuminate me with your radiant love and purpose. Forgive me for not loving this life and Your plan enough. I will wait and follow and strive for good, for dignity grace and elegance. A woman of God.

Please bless the women of Paper and Glam as we strive to live by faith. We seek to be luminescent and incandescent with your love, burning with faith even on our dark days.

Girlfriends, I will be thinking of you in Chicago! Have a beautiful day and seek the light and place yourself firmly in front of what is good. xoxo

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