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Hello everyone!

My name is Shannon, 25 years old. I am a professional city planner with a specialization in transportation planning. I work a full time job at a private transportation consulting firm in California's Bay Area and am finishing up two graduate degrees in urban planning and transportation engineering. It is a busy season for me! 

Some of my favorites: 
Color - Purple 
Book - TBD 
Food - Asian cuisine! Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese
Hobby - cooking, journaling, crafty stuff

I am excited to be in this group and find a space on the internet to grow in my relationship with God and connect to other believers. I just found Lisamarie's blog in the last few days and feel so inspired by the content she posts. Excited to connect to the Paper and Glam community. 

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Hi. I'm pretty late on the bandwagon. But I'm still pretty excited about this group! My name is Haleigh. I'm from Northwest Indiana. I'm a SAHW most days and a Nanny two days a week. I love my Lord and Savior. And this year I'm all about getting to know him more.

My favorites:
Color - green
Book - Whatever I'm reading at the moment. Right now it's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
Food - Fruit. All of it.
Hobby - Makeup, crafting, bible journaling.

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Hi all!
My name is Julia and I am a 38 year old late bloomer from Southern Wisconsin. Most call me Jules. I have been lurking about this group for awhile and decided to finally jump in with both feet. I grew up going to church but wandered away as life tends to happen. Lately I have been feeling like something is missing. I found Paper & Glam on a random YouTube session that started with gardening (you know how it goes), and ending with me watching everything of Lisamarie's. I've slowly restarted my path with God with daily devotionals, which I have been enjoying. I am happy to have found this community here and on Facebook.
A bit more about me:
Rumbleseatsally is fun to say and it's my gamer handle
As for favorites
Book: Anne of Green Gables, really started me on the path of voracious reading as a kid. It was like reading about myself in Anne the character. Currently, I am in school so textbooks are my main reading.
Color: Red
Food: Husband's spaghetti sauce
Activity: Running but really anything outside
Hobby: Photography, learning crochet


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