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Sing and make music from your heart - Ephesians 5:18-20

Always give thanks to God the Father for everything.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

For our beautiful lives, for the endless possibilities, for the people...the people whose hearts carry us through this life, whose presence makes our lives rich and resonant. For all the love and the lessons and the learning.

This life calls us in so many directions. I am called to work for social good in my profession every day, I am called to live a life rooted in family, a life appreciating God's animals, a life seeing God's love illuminating every hidden corner on this earth. A life rooted in love, deep, daring, devoted, dimensional love. Thank you for the surprises, for the people you bring into our lives when we need it the very most, who show us that the world is indeed bigger and more beautiful and that there are big noble hearts that could only have been created by Your heavenly hands.

God makes his passions come alive through our unique spirits, through the fields we sow every day, through the way in which we walk our path and purpose. Through the energy and love we bring and pour in to our day.

I am called to live it all, and love it all as much as I can every day. Thank you, Father, for the passions you have given me.

Love, laughter and luminosity. God bless your day, girlfriends.

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